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Akrapovic Exhaust Systems Technology is a manufacturer of top-quality exhaust systems for motorcycles, sports cars and carbon parts. The Akrapovic (pronounced "Ack-rap'-o-vich") company was founded in 1990, based on the experience gained in the field of motorcycle tuning by Igor Akrapovic. His knowledge comes from his own personal experiences and observations, as he himself often tested the results of his work as a motorcycle racer on the track. He capped a successful ten-year career with numerous championship titles in the F1 and SBK classes on both the national and international levels. His ceaseless desire to create and exceptional feeling for four-stroke motors, especially racing motors, has made the Akrapovic name famous throughout the world. In the search for perfection in tuning racing motorcycles, he was confronted with an insurmountable problem. There simply were no high-quality exhaust systems available to the public which could meet extreme technical demands. The systems which were available were for the most part poorly made, with the main parts usually welded together, and usually with excessively thick pipe walls. It was considered a success if the system at least came close to fitting onto the bike for which it was intended. Technically superior exhaust systems were astronomically expensive and difficult for the average customer to obtain. For Akrapovic, whose perfectionism is well-known, there was no choice. He had to go into the field of manufacturing exhaust systems himself.